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Global Teaching Certificate II: Language Assessment

Global Teaching Certificate II: Language Assessment

           In this course you will become a specialist in language assessment for the classroom. You will greatly expand your understandings of assessment in terms of its importance and its role in the language learning process. You will also learn about feedback as a form of assessment that is vital to second language acquisition.


The course discusses the theories, hypotheses, principles, and concepts behind the process of assessment, evaluation, and testing. It will also address the importance of general and corrective feedback. Since this course not only develops your knowledge but also your skills and competencies, you will learn how to apply a wide variety of strategies and techniques that support language assessment in the classroom. This includes learning how to create your own assessments, apply existing ones, and grade your students to award their achievement. You will also see practical examples of assessment activities, tasks, and tools for the classroom. As a way to enhance your ability to assess and grade students, you will have the unique opportunity to evaluate real speaking and writing samples. Class videos and interviews with real teachers will provide you with the insights you need to enrich your perspectives on learner assessment, including your understanding of when and how to apply corrective feedback. 


By the end of the course, you will know how to proceed in class with the confidence that your overall approach to language assessment has a solid foundation. 


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