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Global ELT Management Program

Global ELT Management Program

           This is a course designed for anyone who wishes to become an academic supervisor, coordinator, or director. It is also aimed at those who currently hold such a position.  In this course, you will learn the essentials of everything a Language Program Administrator (LPA) needs to know to run a language program successfully. From developing academic expertise in program development to managing people and leading the way to quality assurance, this course covers all of the essentials.


Whether you would like to become an LPA or are one already, this course will address key themes and topics extensively so your background knowledge, academic expertise, and people skills are all fully developed for success. In the case of those who are already working as supervisors, coordinators, or directors, this course will enhance your ability to lead your teachers and programs successfully, giving you the level of confidence you need to meet your professional goals to your greatest satisfaction.


This is the self-study version, which means you enter the platform and create your own learning path over the course of six months. 


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Registration is open and ongoing


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